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Meeting on 6 November 2004


 Record of Meeting

6 November 2004

Held at Providence Lodge  


    Nine attendees - apologies from Jan Howard and Jack Bridle, Peter Lawler, Harry Coleman, Bill Crain, Robyn Ianssen, Betty Tindale.

    Report on Web Site Development:
  • A copy of October’s web site statistics were passed around. The site is averaging over 150 visitors per month, and more than 40Mb of download. The most popular pages appear to be the gallery pictures. There are visitors from all around the world, including from Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, the USA and even recently from Iceland.
  • Links to the site are now on the Snowy Mountains Tourism site, which provides a regular number of referrals, the KHA site, and on the Canberra Cross Country Ski site.  

    Reports from Subject Matter Contacts
  • Bill Crain advised before the meeting that he had a snow leases picture, and possibly some material for use on the site. He said he would arrange to get them to Canberra.
  • A picture of Bridle’s Dale with the ruins of the first house occupied by the Bridles will be provided by Lurline Thorp, together with some explanatory words.
  • Paddy Kerrigan’s History Pages now include material indicating that Paddy has a practically based wealth of knowledge about the Kiandra district and its history and that he is willing to share his knowledge with others. Contact details are provided.  

    Family History Items
  • David Fletcher had asked if the KHS had any information or photographs of his Great-Grandfather Harold Edgar Quick who was Postmaster of Kiandra Approx.1898-1901. Unfortunately no one present at the meeting did.
  • Ross Ball had asked if the KHS had any information about his family, who had lived in Kiandra. His Great-Grandparents, Henry and Hannah Ball had lived there for about 10 years and his grandfather was born in Kiandra in 1897. Since making the inquiry Ross had been in touch with a number of KHS members and had been provided with useful information. Paddy Kerrigan indicated he also may be able to provide Ross with information.  

    Offer of Uniting Church at Adaminaby for Display of Material
  • Matthew, the Uniting Church pastor, had contacted the KHS with a suggestion that the KHS might like to make use of the UC at Adaminaby to display historic material. The KHS was appreciative of the offer, but as little material is held by the members, it was not considered a practical possibility. Trixie Clugston, who holds the key to the building, expressed some reservations about the use of the UC for this purpose, and would discuss the matter with the Pastor.  

    Other Business:
  • The original school building from Kiandra is currently in use in Adaminaby as the library, having been moved firstly from Kiandra to Old Adaminaby, before being moved again to its current location. It was agreed that a photograph of the building and some words of explanation should be included on the web site. Lurline Thorp undertook to arrange this.
  • Neville Locker raised the point that the Eucumbene River was previously known as the Snowy River at the time of the Kiandra Gold Rush, and for some time after. This is relevant to the origins of the Man From Snowy River. It would require some historical investigation into how the name came to be changed, and it may not be easy to pin down, however it could be an interesting project to document on the site.  

    Next Meeting:
  • To be held at 12 noon on Saturday, 19 March 2005
  • Location: at Providence Lodge.


     *     *     *     *


The meeting concluded for refreshments. A warm thank you was given to Peter Thompson for his kind provision of Providence Lodge as a venue for the KHS meetings.


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